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Spreading Machine protection and maintenance
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                                     Spreading Machine protection and maintenance

Spreading machine is designed for a variety of needs direction along the same wool, face cloth spreading and developed. Compared with other products, it is easy to operate, can handle the complex process of filibustering. Spreader for us to improve production yields, kept running, but we should also give it regular maintenance.

Rab machine maintenance, you first need to drive part of the equipment of the main motor gear, the main drive sprocket for regular inspection and timely refueling and maintenance, to ensure that the spreading machine transmission parts to maintain good lubrication.

In addition, periodic inspection, if found to have severe wear of parts must be promptly replace them.

Secondly, we need timely removal spreading machines used in the motor, transmission of dust, debris and other wool cloth.

Finally, in daily use, we should regularly filibustering photoelectric switches, limit switches, relays, and La machine screw drive part of the inspection, which can effectively ensure effective work spreading machines for a long time.

For spreading machine common fault, we should understand the cause of these different failure. First, the red light will light up on the LCD screen above will remind us where the fault scrolling text description reminder, which action is not done right, we have to make changes.

Spreading machines guide fabric rolling heavy: cause of this problem may be due to dust the machine's transmission parts, cloth and hair oil, or transmission parts is not installed, as long as we properly installed Raab machine transmission parts, and regular cleaning machine oil, wool cloth on it.

Fuqing Ounuo Er  Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ounuo Er) headquarters in the famous hometown of Fuqing City, the company is committed to full garment machinery and equipment research and development, production and marketing. Products covering more than more than 10 provincial cities, Fujian, Qingdao, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Wuhan.

Cause a Main products: Automatic spreading machine, fabric inspection machine, Songbu machine, needle detector machine, metal control instrument series, gluing machine until garment machinery and equipment. Annual production capacity of 200 sets of automatic spreading machine, other equipment 600 sets.


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