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Jiangsu International Fashion Festival
Clicks:1539 Published:2013-07-24

                           Development of local garment enterprises in Nanjing (Jiangsu International Fashion Festival)


  At present, the domestic textile and garment enterprises are facing shrinking external demand, domestic demand is not busy grim situation, how to deal with? Reporters at the meeting a number of selected garment enterprises in Nanjing "Sample" to see their countermeasures.

        BES Kyrgyzstan: casual clothes started this year, I want to "test the water" high-end

        Yesterday, Kat brand in Nanjing Baishi booth, is the company's second generation "successor", "80" small group of children Chen yi contingent and his wife Liu Xin Yuan, respectively, served as general manager, deputy general manager. 19 years ago, Chen mother founded the BES guitar from scratch, the main casual clothing. But yesterday, at the company's booth where you do not see the familiar casual wear, exhibition shelves covered with exquisite high-end women.

        BES-end guitar is to test the water. However, Chen yi told reporters, BES Kyrgyzstan Casual pricing is not high, are mass consumer goods. But in the current situation, companies want to go further, you should try to diversify. Using his studying in the UK, working for foreign companies in the study have seen, this year, they created high-value clothing brand OMAZIC, inviting Nanjing local ladies fashion brand company's chairman, Wang Ping-known designers as a design director, two big local brands together, choose Fashion Festival debut in Jiangsu Province, is expected before Christmas this year, the brand will begin to spread nationwide point, product pricing at 990 yuan -2 million.

        Sumeida: do domestic foreign trade enterprises, opened 60 stores nationwide

        From 2008 the international financial crisis began, a group of foreign trade clothing enterprises in the attempt, "two legs" to walk, Sumeida no exception.

        Yesterday, Su Mida Textile International Trade Co., Ltd. to build the domestic clothing brand HONEY ME, bringing new season Autumn "Fall in love with France" series, elegant, sweet style, such as a gentle romantic pink roses, blooming quietly but not be ignored. HONEY ME brand development Yang Yue, from the first store opened in 2010, just two years, HONEY ME in the country has opened more than 60 stores, of which Nanjing 7.

        She said, recalling the first half of 2012 women's market, "price" has become the main factor driving retail sales growth, but the volume of retail sales growth continued weakness, coupled with the domestic and foreign brands warlords wrestling, brand concentration further improved, China's top ten women's brand, market share has reached 34.9%, which put forward higher requirements emerging brands. "This is a challenge and an opportunity, the strong stronger, the weak may be eliminated. Expected end of this year, the company will achieve domestic inputs, outputs balance."

        Haiermansi: equipment upgrades, increase productivity

        Haiermansi Group Garment Co., Ltd., general manager Xu Ying told reporters that the economic downturn in the second half of 2008, gave them sounded the alarm. By the end of 2010, the company carried out on the production line automation transformation, invested 40 million yuan, the introduction of the most advanced German equipment.

        "Currently, the apparel industry widespread recruitment difficulties, even hiring of workers, labor costs are also increasing constantly challenging endurance of enterprises, but since the new automation equipment, our production capacity increased by 30%, the required manpower has decreased by 15%, the preparation process also greatly improved this year, in addition to doing their own brand of clothing, we also expand our business, received the troops, enterprises and institutions for the domestic first-line orders and uniforms ladies do OEM orders. "

        It had a rainy day, so Haiermansi year industry-wide downturn in the context of access to a robust development momentum.


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