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Spreading Machine
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Spreading Machine

1, the garment degree in Labrador and cutting cloth occupy a crucial role, and only structured pieces sewn chance to meet the specifications of clothes, and if irregular pieces, even the best sewing machine, and then excellent sewing workers, and there is absolutely no quality sewing clothes and Labrador is the first step of the garment, which determines the quality of the entire production quality is the foundation, is also critical, absolutely can not be ignored.

2, the fabric can be divided into two kinds, one is thick fabrics such as woven materials, this fabric can usually use ordinary spreading machines is sufficient to be competent, the other one is knitted fabrics, especially underwear fabrics its elasticity, the material is thin, but gentle, manual processing is very slow, and the effect is very satisfactory, often causing pull, retraction, not neat and so on, high quality lingerie will need to select the high quality spreading machines,

3, automatic spreading system is a can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve the accuracy and stability of the garment dimensions, and ultimately improve the quality of clothing advanced and practical equipment, the payback period is not long, in modern garment processing equipment industry should be in the position of attention and recognition. Artificial Rab overlay, not only uneven tension of the fabric layer, fabric layer error, low precision cut garment, the garment positive impact rate, and overlay is slow, labor intensity, high production efficiency is low.


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