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Professional requirements: Garment Machinery sales industry

Fuqing Ou Nuoer Machinery Co., Ltd.this was honesty , cooperation and win-win principle to the Global Recruitment dealer .

I, on the Ou Nuoer

    Fuqing Ounuo Er Machinery Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Ounuo Er ) headquarters in the famous hometown of Fuqing City, the company is committed to full garment machinery and equipment research and development , production and marketing . Products covering more than more than 20 provincial cities , Fujian, Qingdao , Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Wuhan .

Cause a Main products: Automatic spreading machine, fabric inspection machine, Songbu machine, needle detector machine, metal control instrument series , gluing machine until garment machinery and equipment . Annual production capacity of 300 sets of automatic spreading machine , other equipment 800 sets.

Cause two main products: hotel kitchen equipment and smart kitchen equipment.

Ou Nuoer adhering to the " people-oriented , technological innovation, excellence " core values ​​, with high-quality , long-term stable R & D team and customer service team. Continuing research and development team dedicated to the development and innovative products to meet different customer needs and solutions for different industries . Team mission is to develop high value , cost- competitive and able to meet the market demand, instant products , in order to provide a real good all-round service .

Second, spreading machine Product Overview

It uses computer-controlled , according to the length of the garment and planned discharge cutting the number of man-machine dialogue through various function settings , auto-complete spreaders driven Songbu , feed , right side , cutting and other entry operations. It also automatically records simultaneously ply length , showing number of plies , fault alarm and fault causes and so on. When Rab quantity ( length ) reaches a predetermined requirements , the machine will automatically stop operation. Spreading the technical performance is determined by its mechanical structure and function of the decision. Traditional spreader used for pulling and laying of various non- elastic , non- stretch fabrics such as cotton, wool , linen, silk , chemical fiber woven fabric or non-woven cloth.

Humane spreading machine has the following characteristics :

1 Use PLC Servo operating system, ensure that the machine running smoothly.

(2) No tension spreading , unstretched phenomenon .

3 sleek lines , reducing drag , reducing noise and reduce vibration .

4 Easy Setup operation of the machine , a single person can operate , saving manpower , without too much manual intervention .

5 Emergency stop devices , emergency stop , has been delegated fabric is not pulled .

6 pieces of cloth cutter path width adjustment by savings to cover the extra time .

7 automatic edge device selvage flush , saving fabrics.

8 with rewinding device, can be laid on the table cloth cut back volumes.

9 No fabric automatically shut down, or set the layer to also automatically shut down.

10 humane emergency stop device for the prevention of sudden position of security maintenance .

11 Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, pre loose fabric cloth , one-way or two-way spreading spreading can be.

Three , joining conditions

1, with independent corporate qualifications , the company is in good running properties , high liquidity ;

2, with the building materials industry sales background and sales channels , interested in the development of the industry in aids ;

3 , the local has a good reputation and goodwill , long-term development vision, a common development of confidence ;

4, can understand and agree Ounuo Er brand culture, management model, business philosophy.

Fourth, Join Advantage

A research and development capabilities to ensure perfect quality : Ou Nuoer company has an independent R & D center , the research team according to the development of domestic fabric of the actual situation in a timely manner to provide the latest scientific research products and technical support to ensure that the company's products can be the perfect embodiment of the use value ;

2 , systematic training services : Uno foreign companies free of charge to dealers relevant technical training ;

3 , business planning guide : help for product market operations, the relevant policy adjustments promptly inform the dealers, distributors maintain healthy functioning ;

4 , strong technical service team : specialized technical services team, to our customers product testing on-site guidance , counseling, provision of application solutions , to ensure that customers using glass grid products assured ;

5 , operation maintenance : abide by the agreements with distributors , phased restrict other dealer intervention , and earnestly safeguard the interests of dealers .

Five , joining support

1 , the company through online media, magazines, advertising and other forms of promotion to increase brand awareness of our products ;

2, the company free of charge to the dealer for product training and technical support to do the work ;

3 , free product samples required for pre-promotion .

Six , please call.






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 Fuqing Ou Nuoer Machinery Co., Ltd as the best leading garment machinery and textile machinery Factory. Her business centers are nestled in fujianqingdao changshu, guangdong, wuhan, , hennan  and Developing worldwide agents.

   Ou Nuoer mechanical business division products: (4 series: Bonding, Spreading Machine , Needle machine,Metal Detector,to offer the complete solutions to all demands in the Garment Industries.

   To complete the best service net in the globe. Ou Nuoer mechanical purpose: better quality improving and excellent services worldwide  has satisfied and rewarded to all her business partners, Only updated to show eternal return!"


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