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Ou nuo er Spreading Machine in China Hebei baigou luggage
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    Ou nuo er Spreading Machine in China Hebei baigou luggage

The name baigou believe that doing business bags, made ​​of fabric, so the device knows his reputation within the industry, but as northern China's largest trading goods production base, he is the pride of Hebei.

Most baigou luggage in a small workshop-based production model, with rising wages, recruitment difficulties are quite serious, to the local caused no small impact, there is no one single production.

As a foundry equipment manufacturer Spreading Machine, we know that the survival needs (workers) power, we combine the characteristics of fabric bags, for filibustering the rational allocation of reach for the local production of equipment for the purpose of the device has to the local boss with the benefits. Let the affordable equipment that can spring up in Hebei.


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 Fuqing Ou Nuoer Machinery Co., Ltd as the best leading garment machinery and textile machinery Factory. Her business centers are nestled in fujianqingdao changshu, guangdong, wuhan, , hennan  and Developing worldwide agents.

   Ou Nuoer mechanical business division products: (4 series: Bonding, Spreading Machine , Needle machine,Metal Detector,to offer the complete solutions to all demands in the Garment Industries.

   To complete the best service net in the globe. Ou Nuoer mechanical purpose: better quality improving and excellent services worldwide  has satisfied and rewarded to all her business partners, Only updated to show eternal return!"


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